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Treviños Painting and Remodeling services is in the Houston, Texas area and our team will gladly discuss the details of painting your property, may it be a commercial/industrial building, or a shop. High quality service and commitment to safety – we focus on doing our job as best as we can, so that you would be totally satisfied with the results. Feel free to request our painting services to enhance your commercial property’s appearance!

Our Services

The members of our team are thoroughly trained, and we use the best products available to meet our clients’ expectations. The expert craftsmen at Treviños Painting and Remodeling use proven painting techniques and show attention to detail to make your home look its best – regardless if it’s a small or a large house.

Remodeling House's

Thinking of remodeling your home?, We can complete everything from carpentry, and drywall installation to suspended ceiling, tile work and plumbing, all your needing for remodeling your house.

Complete Exterior Painting and Staining

Whether you need woodwork powerwashed, caulking, gutter cleaning (in & out) deck washing and staining or aluminum siding painted we can complete both large and small jobs.

Bathroom Remodeling

From new sink and shower installation to tile work to a complete remodel we can help you add value and function to your home with a remodeled bathroom.

Handyman Services

With any house that is well lived in there is upkeep and minor repairs that are needed. We've done everything from replacing doors, to calking, to installing a ceiling fan. Give us your to-do list and keep your house in great working order.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Whether as part of a remodeling project or a stand-alone painting assignment, Treviños Painting and Remodeling offers a full range of professional painting services for your home, inside or outside throughout Howard County Houston texas. We are a top rated painting contractor in MD on BBB.

Interior Painting & Wall Convering

We can paint one, two or every room in your house, apartment, townhouse or condo. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Foyers, Basements, Home Offices, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Crown Moulding, Chair Rails, Ceilings, Floors, Steps, Handrails and anything else you can think of.


In Treviños Painting and Remodeling we use the highest quality paint for a professional job that will last for years. From siding and shutters to doors and window frames we can transform the look of your home. Contract's or projects in Houston texas.

Residential Painting Projects

Exterior and interior house painting, Specialty coatings and varnishes, Plaster repairs, Textured ceilings, Paint removal, Deck sealing and restoration, Pressure washing

Commercial Painting Projects

Exterior or Interior, Pressure Washing, Roof painting, Interior and exterior painting, Interior Wall Coverings


Treviños Painting and Remodeling, is always on time throughout the course of the project, and completely respectful of your residence. We welcome your questions or requests at any time – before, during, or after your painting project has been completed.

Attention to Detail

The smallest detail can make a world of difference. That's why we take special care to ensure that every stroke of the brush, roller or spray gun is precisely applied. We always work to ensure your satisfaction, and always clean up spotlessly after our job is complete.

Quality House Painter

Treviños Painting and Remodeling, We try to use the best products available for the job, while also keeping your budget in mind. We’re always happy to offer our own recommendations for quality results.

Remodel design and planning

Treviños Painting and Remodeling, we can design your project from basic layouts to detailed drawings. We will develop product specifications, examine building code issues, determine set back requirements and neighborhood covenants.


Powerful at experience wonderful products of Sherwin Williams.

Our Works

Project after project, we guarantee delivery of premium professional remodeling services. Treviños Painting and Remodeling, area Houston Texas.

Services Plans

Project after project, we guarantee delivery of premium professional remodeling services. Listed below are some of our most popular services. If you don’t see something on the list, please contact us.


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  • Install, Finish, Repair
  • Hardwood Flooring: Install, Refinish and Repair
  • Replacement Windows & Doors
  • Vinyl, Ceramic and Natural Stone
  • Carpentry: Moldings & Cabinets, Partition Walls
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms


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  • Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Power Washing
  • Water & Fire Damage Repairs
  • Drywall & Plaster Repairs
  • Building Restoration
  • New Construction Painting


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  • Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Power Washing
  • Water & Fire Damage Repairs
  • Drywall & Plaster Repairs
  • Building Restoration
  • New Construction Painting




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Expertise in Painting and Remodeling

With extensive remodeling experience in all types of residences, from high-end homes to high-rise condos, Treviños Painting and Remodeling takes every precaution. Our employees take great care in protecting all aspects of your home that are not being remodeled and we thoroughly clean up our work areas at the end of each day. Call us service area Houston, Texas.

Seasonal changes affect the exterior of a property

on Jan 23, 2017 24 Comments

As a business owner or landlord, most probably you already experienced how weather and seasonal changes affect the exterior of a property – with regular maintenance, damages can be minimized and this will increase the building’s value on the long run. The interior is just as important, and our company Treviños Painting and Remodeling offers the best commercial painting solutions to meet your expectations, attentions from houston texas all.

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Deadlines are of utmost importance

on Mar 29, 2017 24 Comments

Deadlines are of utmost importance, so after you decide which type of commercial remodeling service is best suited to your needs, a schedule will be established based on the various steps needed for project completion. Communication is a key element in every situation, and you can count on us to provide regular progress reports. You can rest assured that Accurate Painting & Remodeling will deliver high quality results regardless of the type of painting service you opt for Treviños Painting and Remodeling.

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Home is a place of comfort and refuge

on May 21, 2017 24 Comments

Home is a place of comfort and refuge, a place for guests and entertaining and an environment that reflects your personality, taste, and values. Discerning homeowners and upscale clients through the Houston texas area trust their home remodeling projects to Accurate Painting & Remodeling Services. As a premium house remodeling contractor Treviños Painting and Remodeling, we use proven products, exact techniques, and expert attention to detail to make your home a showpiece.

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